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We collected the stories from our beloved customers, we hope that we can share this with you to know how brave they are and their feelings about cancer. Also, we do hope cancer patients can learn from them too.

家人與機緣的相助 • 讓我安然走過12年 Print E-mail
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男 / 75嵗 / 大腸癌第三期(1998) / 柔佛昔加末


Just let it be and live on Print E-mail

Lee Tien Song

Male / 59 years old / Liver Cancer(1996) / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“When I had made all the arrangements for my family and work, I just led a carefree life and let nature take its course. It was a pleasant surprise to find myself living continuously.”

Getting Over Cancer and Back To Nature Print E-mail

Chew Ah Siang

Female / 66 yrs old / 3rd stage cervical cancer (2008)
 / Melaka, Malaysia

I am passionate about life and like to live happily each day. I have a special darling, my hula hoop, which has accompanied me for more than a decade. I must have it by my side to be able to sleep soundly. I learned driving at the age of 50. I don’t like to beg others and prefer to do everything myself as far as possible. My hometown is a small village in rural Melaka, where I have a 2-acre farm with over 10 different types of vegetable. My husband and I have survived on it for 10 over years, raising 4 daughters and 2 sons with it. Now my children have all grown up and it’s about time for me to take care of some grandchildren. Then, unexpectedly, I had cancer.

We only live once, so be appreciative of everything around us Print E-mail

Lim Bee

/Female / 53 years old / Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma (2008)/ Masai,Johor

“We only live once, so be appreciative of everything around us and let it be. When we are sick, we should accept it and seek treatment actively. Optimism and a relaxed life will lead to recovery.”

Face the killer calmly and seek active treatment. Enjoy the heavenly warmth Print E-mail

Mrs Tai

Female / 56 years old / Ovarian cancer (2009) / Tawau, Sabah

I was a kindergarten teacher before I retired. I loved those innocent and lively children dearly. I realised how beautiful and invaluable life was whenever I saw them. The feeling has a great impact on me. It makes me cherish my health and every moment of my life.

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