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We collected the stories from our beloved customers, we hope that we can share this with you to know how brave they are and their feelings about cancer. Also, we do hope cancer patients can learn from them too.

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Mohd. Zaki Zakaria

Male / 44 years old / cancer of the pineal gland / Kedah, Malaysia

Thinking back of my experience these few years past always evokes some deepest feelings. I suppose the experience is so harrowing that even the most insensitive guy will be overwhelmed with epiphany.

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Chin Kooi Choo

Female / 74 years old / Pancreatic Cancer (2007) / Kedah, Malaysia

Life passed by in a flash. Now I have become an old lady. I have learnt to let it be after going through so much in life. Life would be easier if we could just let it be. Maybe it was because of this character, plus the fact that I had been taking care of my diet and that I did not have any bad habits, I seldom fell sick. On the contrary, the youngsters today always seem sickly. I had never had to worry about my health, though in these past 3 years, I had been talking to my friends and relatives a lot about cancer, the most abominable disease ever. Little did I know I would be struck by it in November 2007. Cest la vie.

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Feng Ya Mei

Female / 54 years old / Lung Cancer
 / Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

I found some blood in my sputum whenever I coughed in July 2001. Agitated, I went to the hospital for a check-up the next day, and the doctor confirmed I had 3rd stage right lung cancer. Later I underwent chemotherapy for a month.

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Chen San Mei

Female / 40 years old / colon cancer / Telok Anson, Perak, Malaysia

In October 1999, my third elder sister was diagnosed as having 3rd stage colon cancer. The malignant tumour at the tip of the colon had spread to the middle part. Though we were not well off, we were forced to send her to the expensive Ipoh Specialist Centre for emergency operation. The surgeon cut away quite a big chunk of colon near the anus and installed a colostomy bag on her abdomen.。

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Tan Seng

Male / 65 years old / Lung Cancer / Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

I am 62 years old, and have been having diabetes, hypertension and asthma for many years. In September 2001, I started to have breathing difficulty and shortness of breath. Though the doctor asked me to increase the dosage of the anti-asthmatic agent, my condition did not improve much.

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