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15. How to take Tian Xian Liquid when oral ulcer occurs after chemotherapy?
A: Diluting Tian Xian Liquid with the same amount of water and take the diluted medicines slowly. In this case, Tian Xian Suppository is strongly recommended to enhance the effect of Tian Xian Liquid and to stop pain.

16. How to take Tian Xian Liquid when patients need the assistance of gavage?
A: Inject Tian Xian Liquid first and 15cc of water using syringe into gavage to make sure Tian Xian Liquid flow into stomach.

17. How should patients suffering from ascites utilize Tian Xian Liquid and its serial products?
A: Western medical treatment is required to expel the water for serious ascites. Application of Tian Xian Liquid, Capsules, and Suppository will be able to control ascite from developing too fast at the early stage.

18. What should be done when cancer patients catch a cold?
A: When patients or family members have symptoms of flu, please add 20cc of Tian Xian Liquid to the suggested dosage for at least 7 days to strengthen immunity functions to fight against virus.

19. Why the oral feeling of Tian Xian Liquid sometimes differs?
A: The difference in concentration and sweetness of the honey is due to different flowers over the seasons. You may therefore feel some difference in the prescribed Tian Xian Liquid.

20. May Tian Xian Liquid be taken before and after a surgical operation or before, during and after chemotherapy?
A: If nothing by mouth is demanded, you should not take Tian Xian Liquid until you finish the therapy. If doctor did not specifically require nothing by mouth, you may continue the dosage. You can resume the dose after the surgery with doctor's permission to take some liquid diet.

21. Which Tian Xian Capsule is most suitable for patients with few new focuses of cancer metastasis?
A: Patients with few new focuses of cancer metastasis may choose Tian Xian Capsule based on either the latest focus of metastasis or the most uncomfortable part. If patients undertook many courses of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which may cause hemopoiesis function disturbance, long-term application of Tian Xian Capsule #3 is strongly recommended to strengthen weak physique.


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