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64. Is it effective to take Natural Nutritious Liquid for soreness of waist, backache, shoulder aching pain and lumbago due to the kidney deficiency of the aged?
A: Yes. These will be improved by merely taking Natural Nutritious Liquid and using Tian Xian Plaster.

65. For those having poor digestive system and absorption function, is it effective to take Natural Nutritious Liquid?
A: Yes, Natural Nutritious Liquid can protect stomach mucosa. Therefore it is very effective on peptic ulcer. It requires long term application and regular eating habits.

66. When rashes, pimples or uloncus occur after taking Natural Nutritious Liquid, what should be done?
A: These are improving reactions. If these symptoms become worse, please stop the dosage until these symptoms disappear which usually takes 7 to 10 days. You may resume with smaller amount of the dosage and gradually increase to 20cc a day.

67. Is China No. 1 Natural Nutritious Liquid effective for Gout?
A: Yes, because it can smoothen the circulation of blood networks, remove swell and bruises. It can effectively ease the pain from Gout. Western medicines are necessary in the beginning of the treatment. When the symptoms diminish, western medicines can slowly be decreased.

68. Is Natural Nutritious Liquid suitable for people who are weak and have been ill for a long period of time?
A: Yes. Taking Natural Nutritious Liquid can improve immunity function and energy during restorative period for both children and adults who are very weak, catch a cold easily, and have been through surgery. It is a very simple, safe, convenient and effective health supplement.

69. Is Natural Nutritious Liquid suitable for people who suffer from brain nerve weakness?
A: Yes. Taking Natural Nutritious Liquid can increase the oxygen utilization in the brain which will improve migraine, incapability to focus and impaired memory resulted from excessive use of brain and brain nerve weakness.

70. Can Natural Nutritious Liquid improve symptoms associated with menopause?
A: Yes. The ingredients of Natural Nutritious Liquid can improve constitution and maintain the level of red blood cell count. The symptoms can be lessening.

71. Can Natural Nutritious Liquid promote liver functioning and neutralize drinking effects?
A: Yes. It can prevent infection of hepatitis and increase the detoxifying function of liver. Taking Natural Nutritious Liquid before and after drinking alcohol has an inhibitory effect on ethanol which causes drunkenness and promotes the metabolism of alcohol.


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