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57. Does Natural Nutritious Liquid have any effect to improve sensitive skin?
A: Generally, Natural Nutritious Liquid will strengthen immune system and improve physical nature. Improvement of sensitive skin problem will be achieved through long term application.

58. Is Natural Nutritious Liquid effective to improve the symptoms of irritability, insomnia and dreaminess?
A: Yes, these symptoms will be improved after taking Natural Nutritious Liquid in few days. To maintain the improvement, please continue the application for at least 3 months.

59. Can Natural Nutritious Liquid regulate menstruation irregularity and disorder of internal secretion and even have beautifying effect?
A: Taking Natural Nutritious Liquid can stimulate metabolism, regulate endocrine imbalance and beautify skin. Better results can be achieved by continuously long-term application.

60. Is Natural Nutritious Liquid effective in improving hyper- or hypo- thyroidism?
A: It is suggested to combine western and Chinese herbal treatment. The western curing effect will be enhanced by taking Natural Nutritious Liquid.

61. Should Natural Nutritious Liquid be taken constantly?
A: As people age, physical condition will become less healthy. In addition. the external environment has become inferior which is harmful to our body. As a result, we need health supplement to maintain physical functions. It would be beneficial to take Natural Nutritious Liquid constantly.

62. Can teenage girls take Natural Nutritious Liquid?
A: Yes. Natural Nutritious Liquid can smoothen the blood circulation. Therefore, it can improve irregular menstruation and menoxenia.

63. Is Natural Nutritious Liquid effective to dim-sighted, acerbity or sensitivity caused by prolonging improper use of the eyes?
A: Yes, Natural Nutritious Liquid may be applied to help recover from eye fatigue. It is important to take good care of eyes.


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