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43. Can Tian Xian Plaster cure cracking hands and beriberi?
A: It has specific effect to cure cracking hands and beriberi, which requires time and your patience. It is advised to combine with western treatment.

44. On dysmenorrhea, can pain be relieved by pasting of Tian Xian Plaster?
A: Pasting is on the abdomen will relieve pain. To have better effect, apply it on the abdomen with a hot compress.

45. What you should do when chest distress and the pectoralgia occur?
A: Please ask your doctor to find out the causes of chest distress and pectoralgia.

46. Can abdominal pain be relieved by pasting Tian Xian Plaster?
A: Yes. Diagnosis should be conducted to find out the cause of the pain to prevent misjudge.

47. Is it useful to have Tian Xian Plaster pasted to relieve pain caused by exercises?
A: It has the effect of detumescence, and may prevent other diseases, which are caused by stasis of blood and injury of the tissues. If you do not know the cause of the pain, please ask your doctor for an exam.

48. Is it helpful to paste Tian Xian Plaster for nasal obstruction?
A: Yes, pasting on the temples and between eyebrows for antiseptic and soothing effects. It is important to have examination and treatment in the hospital.

49. For scapulohumeral periarthritis, is it helpful to paste Tian Xian Plaster to relieve pain?
A: It may be pasted on the affected part for a week which will relieve or cure the pain.


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