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36. Can Tian Xian Suppository be used to cure feminine diseases?
A: Yes. Due to its antiphlogistic, styptic and anti-itching effects, it may be used to cure vaginitis, vaginitis trichomonas, venereal disease and cervical cancer.

37. Can Tian Xian Suppository cure hemorrhoids?
A: Yes. Tian Xian Suppository may relieve the pains of hemorrhoids. When hermorrhoids already break out and bleed, western treatment is required to stop bleeding. If it is only swollen, continuous use of Tian Xian Suppository can heal hermorrhoids in a short period of time. What is most important is to have regular life style and eat more fruit and vegetables.

38. What should be done if the affected part is sensitive and itching after application of Tian Xian Plaster?
A: This indicates that you have sensitive skin. Please apply a thin film of galactic liquid or lipa before pasting the Tian Xian Plaster. Depending on the reaction of the skin, remove it within 4 hours or if adverse sensation occurs.

39. Can Tian Xian Plaster relieve headache?
A: Yes. Paste it on the temples and between eyebrows for 30 minutes and the pain will generally lessen.

40. Can Tian Xian Plaster relieve sore waist and backache?
A: Pains may be relieved by pasting Tian Xian Plaster in wider area where pains occur. It is very important to visit your doctor to find out the reasons that cause pains.

41. Is it helpful to have Tian Xian Plaster pasted for coughing and sore throat?
A: Swelling and pain may be relieved. Recovery will be achieved in 3 to 5 days when used with Tian Xian Antitussives Capsules.

42. During toothache, can pain be relieved by pasting of Tian Xian Plaste?
A: Yes. By pasting on the affected part, pain will generally be relieved in 20 minutes. Please visit your dentist for a proper exam.


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