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22. If patients have difficulty to swallow the Tian Xian Capsule, what shall be done?
A: Open the capsule, and mix the medicated powder with honey water. The curing effect is better than swallowing the capsule.

23. How do rectal cancer patients, who was implanted with tracheotomy, (artificial anus) use Tian Xian Suppository?
A: If the wound was not healed, do not use suppository. If wound has been healed for one month and the patients do not experience slight diarrhea, insert suppository directly into tracheotomy.

24. Can Tian Xian Suppository be used for all kinds of cancer?
A: Yes. The medication of Tian Xian Suppository is absorbed directly through local mucosa and blood vessel. When combined with Tian Xian Liquid and Capsule, Tian Xian Suppository can effectively control cancer growth, prevent metastasis and relieve pain.

25. What kind of cancers require application of Tina Xian Plaster?
A: Tian Xian Plaster can be used externally for cancer diseases that are close to body surface. Tian Xian Plaster can resolve masses and relieve pains, stop bruise and remove swells. Combined with Tian Xian Liquid, Capsule, and Plaster, the curing effect can be increased by absorption of the medicine through different networks.

26. What should be done if the patient is too weak?
A: For those who receive frequent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and are at last stage of cancer, Natural Nutritious Liquid may be taken both in the morning and at night to strengthen the body, in addition to the application of Tian Xian Liquid, Capsule, Suppository and Plaster.

27. When to use Tian Xian Antitussivese Capsule?
A: It is used for lung cancer patients, who have acute and chronic tracheitis, hypersensitive asthma, chest distress, and cough. Combined application of Tian Xian Antitussives and Tian Xian Plaster can ease these symptoms effectively.

28. When to use Tian Xian Ostitis Tablet?
A: It is for patients who have bone cancer, osteometastasis and osteoporosis. Combined application of Tian Xian Ostitis Tablet and Tian Xian Plaster can effectively help release pain.


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