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(THL/TXL) Tian Xian Holistic Cancer Therapy—the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer

Cancer has always been labelled as one of the five incurable diseases. It still instils intense fear in people despite great leaps in technology and medical sciences. This is because we equate cancer with death, plus the fact that conventional medicine has yet to come up with new breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Conventional regime against cancer still comprises surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the last two of which are indiscriminate ‘killers’, killing both cancer and normal cells in the process and giving rise to traumatic side effects. Meanwhile, oncologists are still confronted with the problems of relapse and metastasis. They are unable to break through this bottleneck. Increasingly more western doctors realise that it is imperative to look for other complementary therapies to alleviate the trauma of conventional treatment. Thus CAM, the new trend in cancer treatment, was born.

Herbal medicine immediately became an important adjuvant in cancer treatment. Among all the herbs, Tian Xian Liquid has become the superstar because of its ability to induce the death of cancer cells, suppress tumour growth and boost immunity. Combined with conventional anti-cancer regime, it has been found to be extremely effective, hence its popularity and recognition by western doctors and naturopaths alike.

Hi-tech Research & Development

The Chinese medicine Tian Xian Liquid (TXL/THL) is the fruit of 18 years’ research by Professor Wang Zhen Guo, an international authority in herbal medicine for cancer. TXL (THL)is made from quality herbs in Changbai Mountain, situated in north-western China. Containing a potpourri of 24 trace elements and other nutritious compounds, TXL’s efficacy is beyond the slightest doubt.

TXL (THL) is a product of Chinese medicine wisdom combined with the latest American technology and bio-transfer technique, and made under the most rigorous GMP standards. Instead of traditional brewing, TXL is extracted with modern technologies to enhance the bioavailability of all the active ingredients as well as to reduce wastage of herbs.

Different from other herbal medicine, TXL has undergone repeated pharmacological research in China since the 80’s and extensive clinical trials. It is one of the few Chinese medicines that have undergone systematic pharmacological evaluation.

Based on solid principles of Chinese medicine, TXL (THL) eradicates ‘heatiness’ in the body, promotes metabolism, the flow of qi and blood production. Its main function is to regulate major bodily functions in order to kill cancer cells without hurting any normal cells. Conversely, it activates normal cells without activating cancer cells.

Rigorous Quality Control

TXL (THL) was officially launched around the globe in 1991 by China-Japan Feida Union Co. Ltd, the authorised exclusive agent worldwide. Production QC was supervised by SGS, one of the most stringent QC companies both in Hong Kong and the world. Each batch of ingredients is subject to heavy metal tests, pesticide residue tests, bacterial counts, additive tests etc in order to maintain the highest manufacturing standards and hence TXL quality.

Pharmacological testing & clinical trials

Through 19 long years of adjuvant therapy in cancer treatment, TXL (THL) has been recognised by and gaining increasing popularity among western doctors. Since 2000, initiated by the International Cancer Rehab Centre in Hong Kong, numerous medical luminaries from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan have come together to conduct in-depth pharmacological tests on TXL.

As at 2009, TXL (THL) had garnered more than 20 pharmacological reports, among which the theses by Dr. Andy Sun et al, an immunologist from Taiwan University, had been published in various renowned medical journals such as The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The worldwide recognition of these theses was a new milestone in cancer treatment for Chinese medicine.

Multiple Molecular Targets in Cancer Treatment by TXL(THL)

The experimental study confirmed that Tian Xian liquid (TXL/THL)is safe, non toxic, and no side effects. Since there are 10 molecular targets which have been found, therefore it has multiple effects towards the inhibition of cancer, including:

  • Differentiation Induction
  • Apoptosis Promotion
  • Cell Cycle Regulation
  • Signal Transduction Inhibition
  • Anti-Invasion
  • Anti-Migration
  • Anti-Angiogenesis
  • Elimination of Cancer Stem-Like Cells
  • Chemo-Radio Sensitization
  • Reduce Side Effect of Chemo and Radio Therapy
  • Immunomodulation
  • Stimulation of Appetite


Tian Xian Holistic Cancer Therapy

For the past 20 years, more than 200,000 cancer patients in 30 over countries have benefited from Tian Xian product series.

Tombo Enterprise has become the sole agent for Tian Xian series in Malaysia since 1993. The company, upholding conventional sales and marketing, gives health counselling sessions and promotes CAM. Tombo is a strong proponent of naturopathy for cancer treatment. Besides advocating the significance of combining western and alternative medicine like Tian Xian Liquid(TXL/THL), the company also advocates a holistic regime for cancer patients, including pro-active cooperation in diet, exercise, emotional management, psychotherapy and relationship management. The aim is to boost immunity by all natural means possible. The company encourages the patients’ friends and relatives to show more love and care. With the help of Tian Xian holistic cancer therapy, it is hoped that cancer patients will regain hope and confidence to lead a healthy enjoyable life.

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