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Lee Tien Song

Male / 59 years old / Liver Cancer(1996) / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“When I had made all the arrangements for my family and work, I just led a carefree life and let nature take its course. It was a pleasant surprise to find myself living continuously.”

14 years has gone by. I can still remember the liver cancer that tortured me 14 years ago. It is an indelible part of my life.

I was touring Yunnam in 1994. After drinking with some friends I felt an acute pain in the right part of the abdomen, something that had never happened to me before. Since then, a dull pain around the liver area often appeared. It became more frequent and I started to have a fever, lose appetite and become emaciated. My weight plummeted from 162 to 135 pounds.

I Had Only 6 Months to Live

The abdominal pain happened again on January 1st 1996, but with a vengeance. I couldn’t even eat, so I had to go for a check-up at a hospital. I was shocked to learn that I had liver cancer and the tumour was already 7.5cm. I went for second and third opinions. Some said the cancer might have spread to the bones and surgery was out of the question, while some told me I had to be operated on straightaway so that I could have 50% chance of staying alive. Without surgery, they predicted that I could live for only 6 months. They said the surgery would cost over RM30,000 and there might be a high chance of relapse. I was depressed because I had to spend so much money for such a poor prognosis, so I went on searching for better therapy. During that time, I took a friend’s advice and took some direct selling antineoplastic products for 4 months, but to no avail.

You can imagine how morose I was at that time. I was only 46 then. What would happen to my family and business if I had just ignored it? The pressure, the abdominal pain plus a feeble body was too much for me.

The Turning Point in My Life

Then in March 1996 I met TXL creator Prof. Wang Zhen Guo at an anti-cancer seminar. He took my pulse and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to get the tumour removed surgically, but I had to take TXL before the surgery to control the cancer and to boost my immunity, and that I had to continue taking TXL after the surgery for nourishment and enhanced immunity. He said the combination would prevent a relapse.”

Encouraged by his words, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I chose GHKL because the treatment in government hospitals was free. I went for a check-up in April 1996 and the surgery was scheduled for June 5th. I bought TXL from Tombo Enterprise on May 15th.

My人-shaped operation wound, the sign of anti-cancer combat

14 Years of Healthy Living

14 years have lapsed. In retrospect, I find that my wife was the person who had gone through hell when I was sick. She tolerated my tantrums and negativism throughout the ordeal, without a single word of complaint but only words of encouragement. She had to take care of me and our children at the same time and I couldn’t even start to imagine how she managed it.

I had arranged for my 15-year-old daughter, who was only in form 3 then, to work at my factory before the surgery. My second daughter joined her in the second year. I didn’t go back to work for 4 years upon doctor’s order lest a relapse should occur. I had given up all hopes then, so I just submitted the factory to my children and went on holidays or went fishing with friends instead. I just wanted to enjoy life to its fullest for my ‘last 2 years’.

When I had made all the arrangements for the family and the factory, I began to spend everyday light-heartedly. I have changed my lifestyle and diet ever since the cancer, avoiding unhealthy food and staying away from alcohols. I would not touch any unhealthy dishes, surviving mainly on fruit and vegetables. I practise Chinese Aromatic “Qi Gong’ and stroll a lot.

The doctor who gave me a check-up in 1996 predicted that I had only 2 more years to live. 2 years later, when I went for a check-up, he increased it to 4 years. 4 years later, he predicted it would be 7 years. I didn’t bother to see him anymore after that since his prediction was never correct. Today, 14 years later, my 2 daughters who have sacrificed their education have already got married. Now I am leading a semi-retired life. Old friends comment that I have not changed a bit—still the loud speaker and the energetic old devil.

(Text and photograph: April 20102010)

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