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  • Qing Xing Foundation of Medicine, Culture & Education, Taiwan (Taiwan University Hospital))

    Project name—research on the auto-regulatory and antineoplastic properties of TXL

    From March 1st 2000 to January 31st 2009

    - Research topics -

    • Auto-regulation by TXL (Qing Xing No.1)---the auto-regulatory effects of TXL on T cells and monocytes in the peripheral blood

    • Killing of cancer cells by TXL (Qing Xing No.2)—the killing of tumour cells K562, U937, MT-2, CT26/RT1 stimulated with THL.
    • Suppression of cancer cells & their induced death by TXL (Qing Xing No.3)—on 15 types of cancer cells in human
    • Suppression of neoplastic growth by TXL (Qing Xing No.4)—the suppression on cancer growth and induced death
    • Suppression of cancer relapse and metastasis by TXL (Qing Xing No.5)—the elevation of T cell activities and the suppression of cancer cell activities and metastasis
    • Suppression of new pathological blood vessel formation among cancer cells by TXL (Qing Xing No.6)—investigation on the effects of cellular movement in cancer-induced blood vessels
    • Suppression of in-vitro and in-vivo metastasis by TXL (Qing Xing No.7)—metastasis of human colonic cancer cells in SCID mice.
    • Suppression of in-vitro and in-vivo growth of new blood vessels and tumours by TXL (Qing Xing No.8)—effects on human cancer cell MDA-MB-231 in SCID mice.

  • Taiwan Cancer Foundation

    Project name—the multiple target site actions of TXL

    From January 1st 2006 to June 30th 2008

    - Research topics -

    • The induced production of PML-PARa protein and the blockade of human acute pro-marrow leukaemia NB4 cancer signal pathways by TXL (Taiwan Cancer Foundation No.1)
    • The cessation of G2M phase and the killing of NB4 cancer cells by TXL (TCF No.2)
    • The suppression of breast cancer cells MCF-7 and the accompanying effects of DNA Adenosine A Transferase 1 and phosphatidyl kinase by TXL (TCF No.2)
    • The suppression of repair enzyme Rad51 action and the enhancement of cancer cell sensitivity to radiotherapy by TXL (TCF No.4)
    • The extermination of cancer-like stem cells by TXL (TCF No.5)
    • (TCF No.6) The Effect of TXL on PPARS (Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptors)
    • The activation of AMP-dependent kinase by TXL (TCF No.7)

  • Taichung Children’s Hospital

    From August 1st 2003 to July 31st 2004

    - Research topics -

    • Clinical trials on the effect of TXL on T-lymphocyte activation (TCH No.1) An evaluation report on the effect of TXL on immunity enhancement

  • New Drug Development & Research Centre, Hokkaido, Japan

    From March 12th to September 9th 2004

    - Research topics -

    • o Tests on the anti-tumour effects of TXL (NDDRC No.1) Tests on the antineoplastic effects of TXL on breast cancer cells 755

  • Taipei University Hospital

    From January 1st 2007 to April 30th 2008

    - Research topics -

    • A study on the application of TXL in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine (TUH No.1)
    • The use of molecular imaging on the clinical effectiveness of TXL on cancer reversal and treatment

  • Hong Kong University

    From February 1st 2008 to January 31st 2009

    - Research topics -

    • In-vivo and in-vitro studies on the antineoplastic effects of TXL (HKU No.1): In-vivo and in-vitro studies on the effects of TXL control on MMP-1, MDR-2, p21 expressions of colon cancer cell HT29.

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