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My Combat with Cancer

“Please save my mom from cancer!”

I was 18 years old then, a medical intern at the hospital in Tong Hua city.

One day, a mother was admitted as a liver cancer patient, and the daughter, about 13 years of age, suddenly went down on her knees in front of me while my colleagues and I were walking past the cancer ward.

“Doctor, I beg you, please save my mom!” She cried.

I was probably mistaken as a specialist because of the white robe. But I was only a young intern and could not even admit myself to be a fully qualified practitioner. I was harbouring the opinion that it was impossible to save her mother. I tried to banish the thought, because I was a doctor, and I would do all I could to help her because that was my mission. But honestly speaking, I did not dare to save cancer patients at that time.

A week later, the cancerous mother passed away.

On that fateful day, in October 1972, I was cursing my inability. I was ashamed of myself for not being able to wipe away the girl’s tears. So I made a vow on that day. “I will let anybody endure the pain of losing their parents or loved ones no more!”

I had declared war against cancer on that day.

Professor Wang Zhen Guo’s Merits

  • In 1989, He was given the Diplome D’officier, Diplome Dumerite De L’invention and the Highest Research Award of World Inventors in the 38th Eureka World Invention Expo.
  • He was awarded “China’s Top 10 Outstanding Youths” in 1990 and met with Jiang Zhe Ming, Li Beng and other top leaders for the recognition.
  • England’s Cambridge International Chronicle recorded his achievement in their book “International Elite” in 1992
  • He was given the 2000 Medical Achievement Award for cancer treatment & prevention research by the USA.
  • He was given the 2002 Herbal Medicine for Cancer Treatment & Immunity Enhancement Award by the American Cancer Control Association.

Diplome D'officier Diplome Dumerite De L'Invention Diplome De Chevalier Highest Research Award of World Inventor in the 38th Eureka World Invention Exposition

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