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Tombo Enterprise Sdn Bhd was established in 1976. Since 1993, it has been appointed by China-Japan Feida Union Co. Ltd. as the sole agent of Tian Xian Liquid series in Malaysia and become an active cancer fighter. Mr. Chong Ah Kow, the founder of Tombo, has persevered with great compassion ever since its inception to make it one of the minority of guardian angels against cancer today.

In recent years, in line with the stringent demands of modern times, Tombo has aggressively cultivated a new generation of management and consultation teams. Fused with the spirit of reliability and compassion, with the ultimate objective of saving more cancer patients, Tombo has pro-actively expanded its integrated cancer treatment via active participation in medical trade fair, publication of anti-cancer books in English, Mandarin and Malay, as well as visiting cancer patients and organising anti-cancer seminars all over Malaysia. It offers all-rounded assistance and interaction to cancer patients and their families in order to inspire the quest for good health and accord a new life to cancer patients.

As a guardian angel to cancer patients, Tombo promotes a wholesome new life in the body, mind and soul. It endeavours to provide a wholesome treatment to diminish cancer pain and enhance the quality of life. A little more care for a little more hope. It vows to fight cancer hand-in-hand with the patients and never to give up hope and the right to survival!


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