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Tian Xian Liqiud
(THL/TXL) Tian Xian Holistic Cancer Therapy—the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer

Cancer has always been labelled as one of the five incurable diseases. It still instils intense fear in people despite great leaps in technology and medical sciences. This is because we equate cancer with death, plus the fact that conventional medicine has yet to come up with new breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Conventional regime against cancer still comprises surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the last two of which are indiscriminate ‘killers’, killing both cancer and normal cells in the process and giving rise to traumatic side effects. Meanwhile, oncologists are still confronted with the problems of relapse and metastasis. They are unable to break through this bottleneck. Increasingly more western doctors realise that it is imperative to look for other complementary therapies to alleviate the trauma of conventional treatment. Thus CAM, the new trend in cancer treatment, was born.

Herbal medicine immediately became an important adjuvant in cancer treatment. Among all the herbs, Tian Xian Liquid has become the superstar because of its ability to induce the death of cancer cells, suppress tumour growth and boost immunity. Combined with conventional anti-cancer regime, it has been found to be extremely effective, hence its popularity and recognition by western doctors and naturopaths alike.


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